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Rapid Support Forces Press Statement

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) condemns the military attack of the SPLM-N led by Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu on Lagawa area in West Kordfan State which resulted to the death, injury , terrify displacement of innocent citizens a matter that represents a flagrant violation to the ceasefire agreement signed on October 2019.
The RSF call on the SPLM-N to strictly adhere to obligation not to expose citizens and to immediately ceasefire besides fulfillment of the obligations signed with the government of Sudan.
The RSF affirm that is work within a joint forces system in repulsing the SPLM-N attacks on Lagawa area. It also affirm that its troops in Lagawa city include all the components of the Sudanese communities, pointing out to the allegations stated in the SPLM-N statement in which it accused the RSF as aligning to one party against the other which is untrue, and came under the continuous attempts of the SPLM-N to cover its continuous violations against the unarmed citizens.
The RSF call on the SPLM-N not to use the citizens as a cover to pass political and racist agenda in order to undermine the peace and social coexistence in the area.
The RSF affirm that it conduct its mission and duties according to the law in defending the security, stability and safety of the nation. The RSF will not allow for attacking cities, villages and endangering the lives of the innocent citizens.
Meanwhile, the RSF reiterated its call to the SPLM-N to join the peace process to achieve the unity and coherence of Sudan.

RSF Media Directorate

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