VP Dagalo Receives Released POW, Calls for Respecting the Ceasefire and Joining the peace Process

Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, 1st L. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo has received in his office the Prisoners of War (POW) who were handed to the Sudanese government. Addressing the released POWs, their families and Missiriya  dignitaries,  lauded the release of the prisoners,

“We highly appreciate the response of the SPLM-N leadership to release the shepherds from detention. We alsocommend the families of the detainees who showed wisdom and patience throughout the period of detention of their children” VP Dagalo said in a statement.

Dagalo reiterated calls for the holdout groups to engage in the peace process as the only viable option to guarantee peace and security.

VP Dagalo conveyed appreciation to the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and government of South Sudan for the great efforts exerted through his mediation to the SPLM-N to release the detainees, lauding the positive spirits of the SPLM-N for its respond to President Kiir  appeal for releasing the detainees.

Dagalo called on the SPLM-N to commit to the cease-fire and ease the moves of the shepherds in the area, calling the holdout groups to join the peace process, affirming their desire to enter into urgent peace with the SPLM-N, lauding the wisdom and patience of the families of the detainees, pointing out that the rights could be obtained through the legal steps.

He called on the media to publish positive messages which lead to making the viewpoints closer and to avoid the messages that lead to division among the people.

For his part, Chieftian Al-Sadiq Al-Hiraika Izzeldin lauded the great efforts exerted hy 1st lt. Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo which resulted to the releases of the detainees, calling on the SPLM-N to respected the ceasefire agreement, pointing out that they are advocates of peace and peaceful coexistence.

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