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A cultural evening to raise awareness of peaceful coexistence and the dangers of drugs

The Red Sea State witnessed a major cultural event organized by the RSF, the Red Sea sector in the main Corniche in Port Sudan, a project with the Etab Cultural Organization, within the framework of the anti-drug initiative and to support and promote peaceful coexistence in society.

The Commander of the Rapid Force Forces, the Red Sea Sector, Colonel Dr. Rami Adam Al-Tayeb, spoke about the dangers of drugs, which have become an obsession for society and top the list of health threats and affect manufacturing industries, stressing economically, to include all localities of the state.

readiness to support anti-drug activities and programs and support peaceful coexistence initiatives for a healthy, well-being, security and stability society. The program included an awareness lecture on the dangers of drugs and the necessary measures to combat and limit their spread.
The event was attended by the commander of the Red Sea Military Region, the representative of the Anti-Narcotics Police Director, as well as the participation of the Director of the Guidance Sector at the Ministry of Education and Guidance

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