Al-Mirghani’s Return to Khartoum .. The Significance of Timing

Mowad Mustafa Rashid

Surprisingly, the Khatmiya Sect announced that Mawlana Mohamed Othman Al-Mirghani, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the historical patron of the Sect. will return to Khartoum after almost one decade from voluntary Diaspora in Cairo.
The return of Al-Mirghani raises several questions about the significance of the timing.
Al-Mirghani left Sudan in 2013 and stayed since then in Cairo, while intermittent news leaked about the deterioration of his health, but meetings with the DUP officials and leaders revealed that he is in a better health condition.
Masses of people gathered to receive the peace icon, Mawlana Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party who will arrive in Khartoum international airport after about one decade of absence from his homeland.
Mawlana Al-Mirghani who is a prominent political figure and national icon for more than half a century of sacrificing and fighting for democracy and prosperity of the Sudanese people from all walks is back to continue his struggle for the sake of bringing out the country from its crisis through his wisdom and the respect he acquired from all politicians in the country.
He remained honest to his cause mixing between his religious cloak and his political struggle, and that qualified him to lead the talks with the leader of the SPLM, late Dr. John Garang as the latter kept admiring Al-Mirghani’s wisdom a matter the led to Al-Mirghani/Garang agreement in 1988 wgich did not last due to the coup of June 1989.
The Sudanese from all walks are considering Al-Mirghani as an inspirational leader and defender for the rights of the poor people .
Mawlana Al-Mirghani will exert all efforts to find a way out from the current complicated crisis and we are sure that he is able to direct the history’s course.
The Sudanese people are facing two options either to make a strong front to rescue the nation or to scatter all papers and leave the country fall in the abyss.
Welcome Mawlana Al-Mirghani in your homeland and all of us are aspiring that your blessing arrival will be a good omen for resolving our political crisis.
Observers believe that Al-Mirghani’s return comes to heal the rift between the DUP factions, while others interpreted the significance of the timing of the arrangements for a new political scene that the expected settlement might constitute.
Al-Mirghani’s return at this time has more than one task that only he can carry out, including resolving the disputes that have recently erupted within the DUP which constitute a great danger to the unity and cohesion of the party at this dangerous stage in Sudan’s political history.
The return of Al-Mirghani is also linked to the arrangements that are taking place to conclude the settlement, and the presence of the leader at this time is very important especially considering that the formation of the new scene requires the presence of veterans in the rudder.
The settlement might lead to holding elections soon so the DUP with its huge base requires the presence of Al-Mirghani among his supporters and followers, considering that lots of waters have run under the bridge in the past few years.

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