The National Union of Sudanese Folklore Celebrates Sudan Folklore Festival in its First Edition

Report by: Haffiya Elyas

Omdurman Cultural Center witnessed yesterday evening the celebration of Sudan Folklore Festival in its first edition under the slogan: Through heritage peace will be achieved – we are all Qatar under the patronage of the Director of Al Rahal Investment Company Ltd., Engineer Issa Muhammad Minawi
The celebration was honored by the Executive Director of the Sudan Development Agency .

The celebration activities included
Exhibitions of Sudanese heritage, costumes and perfumes, alongside performances by folklore groups, African dance and Sudanese costumes

Addressing the celebration, the President of the National Union for Folklore Heritage, Dr. Salah El-Din Faragallah, welcomed the guests and expressed the role of cultural heritage in achieving peace and development, and as one of the tourist attractions that can give a special luster to the 2022 World Cup, and the great inspirations, Samaher and Ramz Eltan, who challenged the conditions to achieve high rates In the Sudanese certificate this year, wishing them more success

The Executive Director of the Sudan Development Agency, Dr. Abdullah Musa Meqa, announced that the teams and exhibition owners would be accredited as part of the delegation and the Sudan delegation participating in the program accompanying the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Explaining the agency’s role in this regard and the sites designated for Sudan in the program

He praised the high performance of the participants, inviting them to participate in the final preparation forum for the participants, before heading to Qatar.

The celebration was also addressed by the extension of Al-Rahl Investment Company Ltd., and the sponsor of the celebration was Engineer / Mohamed Issa Minawi

Expressing his happiness with the festival and how it achieved its goals through artistic performances that embodied the diversity and cultural plurality of the Sudanese people, which represents a source of strength if it is well managed.

He concluded his speech with thanks and appreciation to the National Union of Folklore for organizing the festival and to the Sudanese Development Agency for honoring the celebration.

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