The Sudan Agricultural Technical Exhibition Concludes

Report by:Haffiya Elyas

The capital, Khartoum, hosted the third edition of the Sudan Agricultural Technical Exhibition – the third session, from 14-17 November 2022, which was organized by the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Free Markets under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests.

Hassan Abbas, Director of Marketing at the Exhibitions Department, said in a press statement that the agricultural exhibition aims to display the latest technological developments, products, machines and innovative solutions in this sector.

, Iban said that the exhibition, which is organized under the continuous auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, reflects the interest and care it attaches to this sector and its ambition to achieve long-term development and keep pace with its path towards excellence and conformity with international standards, and follow the example of the poles of the world in advancing agriculture

Pointing out that it is a specialized exhibition that serves businessmen wishing to invest in agriculture internally and externally, as well as the consumer, and it includes all agricultural sectors, as well as the latest agricultural technology.
Frank Hmofan, General Manager of the German company, stated that their participation came due to the conviction of these companies in the agricultural potential of Sudan and the possibility of successful investment in this field
Regarding the fields of work of the participating companies, Frank said that they are various agricultural fields, including companies that use advanced technology in storage and packaging for display and export, in addition to the field of seed improvement.

Assistant General Manager, Lily Melzar, explained that the desire of these companies to participate is due to their conviction and knowledge of Sudan’s enormous agricultural potential, noting that Sudan’s products have a distinctive taste acceptable to all the world, saying that these products must be exported to be accepted in the global market.

Abd al-Ilah Fadl al-Mawla expressed his happiness with the participation of the Germans and their subsidiaries in the agricultural exhibition

Praising their spirit towards Sudan and their thorough knowledge of these agricultural potentials and their marketing to them, which made the volume of participation large in the specialized exhibition.

The general manager of Al-Jumsi Company, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, said through his participation in the exhibition that the company works in the field of import and export, as it imports agricultural machinery and introduces agricultural technology to raise the efficiency of agricultural production in the country, as well as improving the income of farmers, and it also exports agricultural crops and fruits.

Abdel-Ghani confirmed that the company is purely youthful, and its goals are to develop the agricultural process in Sudan, indicating that the company has modern agricultural machinery and equipment, pointing out that after studies it became clear that the largest lands in Sudan belong to small farmers , who operate via traditional methods.

The General Manager of Al-Jamsi Company explained that the modern mechanisms save effort and time, in addition to the operational cost, pointing out that these mechanisms are integrated as a transport mechanism, and are easy to disassemble and install.

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