The Sudan Information Technology Exhibition (SITEX) Kick-off

The Sudan Information Technology Exhibition (SITEX) ingurated yesterday which from 23 to 27 November at the Burri Fairgrounds. The Exhibition was organized by the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Duty Free Markets.

The representative of the Minister of Communications and the National Information Center
Bassist, engineer Abu Bakr Al-Rawi, confirmed the need for the state to pay attention to digital transformation and information and communication technology for progress, given that the progress of countries has become dependent on their progress in the field of information and communication technology and digital transformation

Abu Bakr said during his addressing the opening of the Sudan Information Technology Exhibition
In its fourth edition , the exhibition took place in extremely complex circumstances and the insistence of the participants from the government and private sectors, so they deserve a tribute of respect and admiration for their appreciation of the moral and societal responsibility and the message presented to the country to lead the work in the government field to bring about a major change in the field of systems and applications and to facilitate services for citizens, this will be the approach of the Ministry of Communications and government units in the next stage

The Director of Exhibitions, Conferences, Hotel and Tourism Department of the Sudanese Company for Markets and Free Zones, Dr. Abdul-Ilah Fadl Al-Mawla stressed that the Sudan Information Technology Exhibition emphasizes the importance of the role of technology in building minds, and Abdul-Ilah added that keeping up is the basis of progress, which made us seek to hold such events. He pointed out that the exhibition

He celebrates many qualitative participations in various fields, which will pave the way for what we hope for, pointing to the holding of the exhibition for many workshops, seminars and free training courses in various fields such as computer maintenance, network planning and installation, digital marketing, professional social media, digital media, page design and websites.

The smart partnership between the company, Khartoum State and the National Information Center A workshop entitled “Current Government Digital Transformation, Challenges and Future Prospects” will be held under the auspices of the Sudanese Free Zones and Markets Company. on the importance of evolution In light of the new discoveries .

The Director of Exhibitions Department went on to say, “Our sun in the Sudanese Company for Free Zones and Free Markets is always shining with your participation, so that together we knock on the doors of processions, modernization, and technical and technological renewal, to open a chasm of light on various forms of knowledge to illuminate the skies of our homeland.”

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