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TSC Vice-President meets High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Lt-General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo met, today, at his office the visiting High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk.
The meeting discussed the overall situations in the country with special emphasis on human rights, the humanitarian and political developments, besides the efforts being exerted by all parties to realize stability.
The TSC Member welcomed the international official, wishing him a success in his mission, lauding the considerable efforts exerted by the Human Rights Council in light of the developments the world is witnessing.   
Daglo affirmed Sudan’s commitment to the International Humanitarian Law, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as full compliance with international rules and standards that safeguard human dignity, noting that protecting civilians, respecting their basic rights, and implementing the principle of accountability come at the top priorities of the state.
He called on international institutions to strengthen mechanisms of cooperation and coordination with the Sudanese government to contribute to the voluntary return of the displaced to their areas of origin.
The TSC Member pointed out that Juba Peace Agreement has contributed a lot to the realization of stability, a matter that, will strengthen the opportunity for the voluntary repatriation of the displaced, calling on the international community to implement peace agreement to maintain human rights in the war-affected areas.
He called on the international community to distinguish between political and humanitarian work, and to link support to the current situation in the country, expressing full readiness to provide protection for civilians and work to achieve stability for societies by securing agricultural seasons and nomadic movements to reduce conflicts.
Concerning the political process, the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council affirmed the desire and will to overcome the current situation and reach an agreement that leads to the completion of the transitional period and the elections.
 Meanwhile, the international official has affirmed that his visit to the country aims at solidarity and support with the Sudanese people as Sudan represents top priority to the Human rights Council.
The High Commissioner for Human Rights explained the outcome of his recent visit to Darfur, affirming that he will extend all the support to make a success the Sudanese political process.

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