Taher satti

:: Among the disturbing news is the arrest of the director of the National Fund for Medical Supplies, on the grounds of a drug that did not conform to the specifications, as it should have been destroyed on May 24, 2022, but it was seized to be sold in the market ten months after the date of the extermination decision. Disturbing is not only selling Medicines that do not conform to specifications but rather the inability of the state to remove supplies from the market..!!

:: Medical supplies are not just a government company but are among the facilities established by the British – in the year 1935 – to serve as a strategic stockpile for life-saving vaccines and medicines. Then a public administration in the year (1990), then a body affiliated to the presidency of the Republic..!!

:: It should have served as a strategic stockpile to provide and localize medical security..but it was converted into a (commercial body). Experts often appealed to the government to get rid of the boxes, bodies, and other (appendices), so that the supplies would return – as they were – to a body with Strategic missions, including the provision of emergency medicines, serums, and vaccines, without competing with the private sector in the drug market..!!

:: And by the way, we repeat the appeal to implement free emergency care, not only in public hospitals but also in private ones, through health insurance, as the countries around us do. And it is forbidden to refrain from providing treatment in its various forms to every person in emergencies), as this text..!!

:: As for his interpretation, public hospitals are obligated to treat everyone, while private hospitals are obligated to receive emergency cases without asking for money… This is how the constitution of Egypt, and many countries, requires private hospitals to receive emergency cases – accident injuries and others – free of charge, and this is what should be in Our country by law if the government is keen on people’s lives..!!

:: The witness is that public hospitals are not qualified for emergencies, and life-saving medicines – which are used in emergency departments – are insufficient or non-existent… Life-saving medicines must be provided in public emergency departments (for free), and this will not happen unless medical supplies return to their strategic role. instead of the commercial role.. and he deviated even in trade, as evidenced by this disturbing news..!!

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