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General Command of the Armed Forces *

  • Monday, April 17, 2023 AD Our honorable people
    Your armed forces extend their salutations and appreciation to you, as well as apologizing for the difficult conditions that our people are living through these days, which were created by the unjustified rebellion of the Rapid Support Command against the state. For their solid standing behind their army during this national ordeal. The highest verses of thanks to the sons of our country, the sincere employees of our armed forces, who provided the most wonderful examples of sacrifice and redemption by confronting this imminent danger that our dear country had never experienced before. And in light of this crucial historical juncture, we call on all our countrymen from the Rapid Support personnel who have provided their country with great and undeniable previous services, to hasten to join the proud armed forces to serve their country among its ranks, as we hope that they will be a vehicle to serve the goals and agenda of one person, but rather to channel their energies Between their brothers in the Sudanese army and the components of the security system of the state, among whose ranks they will find the qualification and appreciation they deserve, and they will not dispense with their services by demobilization because the country is still in dire need of the arms of its people combined. We assure our honorable people that the leadership of the Armed Forces will remain committed to its covenant and its word with it not to back down or back down from the implementation of the political path to which it committed itself. We hope that the Almighty God will return to the path of righteousness those who persevered in these follies that have brought the country to this slippery slope that we have warned about on many occasions, and that this disturbing nightmare that perched on our homeland during the previous days will end, so that its children may enjoy security, stability and a decent life. Heaven and eternity for our honorable martyrs
    Speedy recovery to our wounded Long live our country, free and proud
    Long live our armed forces, honor and pride for the country
  • Office of the Official Spokesperson for the Armed Forces *
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