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Al tahir Satti

:: Dear colleague Lina Yaqoub, on the Al Arabiya channel, asks Governor General Volcker: (Will the political agreement be signed on the first of April?), So Volker swallows his saliva, then says: (Dates are not sacred in Sudan), and thus Sudan became a peg for commenting Volker has to fail… The one who set the timetable for the stages of the political process is not Sudan, but Volcker and his three parties..!!

:: And it is not the first time, but five weeks ago, while the sovereign president and his deputy were arguing about integrating the RSF into the army, Volcker announced – not Sudan – the date for forming the government, saying: (The formation of the government will take place before Ramadan).. and when I succeed His promise, I wrote what confirms that Volker shakes the confidence of the people of Sudan in (The appointments of the Khawajat)..!!

:: And I said, as I said, that Volker is not free to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, or as the activists who surround him – like a partridge – delusional about a man – to seek refuge from him, thinking that he is capable of everything. Procedures taught by Volker, including the completion of the political process by signing the Political Declaration..!!

:: As for the political declaration, Volker and the activists are the ones who set the dates for all stages of the political process, including the date of signing, and they do not have the authority to implement the stages on their date. They do not have the power to turn what they say into action.

:: The political declaration was ready a month and a half ago, and it was agreed upon between the Central Bank and the Democratic Bloc, and nothing is missing except for the signature, but the obstacle is still the choice of the signatories… The signatory forces should have been chosen according to fair political criteria, so that the signing took place a month ago, but Volker’s parties The three seek to play the role of (the master) over all forces, including the forces of the Democratic Bloc..!!

:: And accordingly; Unless the political process is completed with fair representation of the parties, which is a representation based on logical criteria, the deadlines issued by Volcker and his three parties, including the date for signing the political agreement (April 1), the date for forming the government (April 11), and other dates, They are nothing but shank dates, i.e. (silent words)..!!

:: And what happened yesterday, in the workshop called military reform, a message to Al-Burhan before Volker and the activists. Yes, the army rejected the course of the workshop and its withdrawal from it, a message in Al-Burhan’s mail before the others..and the army’s position on all issues – including the issue of merging the Rapid Support – Clear as the sun in the liver of the sky..!!

:: The army will not accept parallel armies for a period that exceeds the transitional period (two years), and not (10 years), as Volcker and his three parties dream of. Moreover, the army will not accept a weak base government that threatens national security, as Al-Atta said in a clear message on Sudan TV, and it will not protect a constitution drafted by (10 people), as Kabashi said in another clear message in dialing..!!

:: As for the clearer message, it was those empty seats in the Friendship Hall last night. His sovereignty is for the dislocated..!!

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