Statement from General Command of the Armed Forces

The General Command of the Armed Forces issued on Saturday a press statement directed to the Sudanese people about today’s events in the country.

The statement pointed out that the circles of conspiracy and aggression against our country are continuing by the forces rebellion against the state and the national sovereignty, affirming that the men of the Armed Forces have been fighting since this morning of Saturday the battle of truth and national dignity, and they have sacrificed their precious blood cheaply for the sake of national dignity, and will be victorious.

According to the statement, the Armed Forces men are facing at these moments the enemy, who is pushing his forces from its bases spread throughout the capital, in attempts to control strategic sites, including the Republican Palace, the General Command, and the headquarters of the President of the Sovereignty Council, stressing that their sinful endeavors will be disappointed and broken in the face of the determination, will and courage of your men of the Armed Forces.

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