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Statement from the Umma Party to Sudanese Public Opinion

Supporting the political process and promoting the options of the revolution

For the kind invitation of the President of the National Umma Party, Major General Fadlallah Barma Nasser, a meeting of the heads and leaders of freedom and change was held at the House of the Nation to evaluate the current political situation, the future of the political process and the options that our people have through or without the political process to sustain democratic civilian rule and end the coup, the meeting reached the following:

The unity of the forces of the revolution remains the basis for all the aspirations of the masses to complete the tasks of the revolution and state building, the meeting appealed to all the forces of the revolution to sit in the strong rope of unity.

As we look forward to April 6 and April 11, the dates of our people’s victory, the possibilities of victory that our people suffered yesterday are no longer available today.

The political process remains a preferred option for us, but if it falters with the various obstacles placed by the remnants in front of it, we will develop alternative options and every incident has a recent.

The inclusion of civil administrations in the schemes to obstruct the civil democratic transition will harm the future role of civil administrations, we call on the democratic and national forces, especially in Khartoum State and the states of eastern Sudan, to unite and confront the plans of the remnants and victory for the revolution and the civil democratic transition.

The meeting sent a message to the military component to take the political process and its success as a basis for the unity of the military component and to solve the issues of reform, integration and modernization within the framework of building a single professional army and maintaining the unity of the regular forces, especially the important relationship between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces until the completion of reform, integration and modernization.

The meeting appealed the regional and international community to continue and strengthen its support for the political process and the civil democratic transition.

The meeting also stressed that the solution to the economic crisis lies in solving the political crisis, the interest and acceleration of the solution of the political crisis is aimed at removing the suffering that falls on the shoulders of millions of poor people.

The meeting called on the Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change to meet urgently to put the decisions of the meeting into effect.

April 4 /2023

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