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Important statement from Malik Agar

Our great Sudanese people

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

I am addressing you today with the salutation of peace as our country is in dire need of it during this war that is raging in our beloved Sudan. I address you with experience from the news of the war and its heinous atrocities, nearly forty years in which we lost loved ones, dear ones, and dear souls, and we gained nothing from fighting except destruction, widespread illiteracy, and waste of the country’s resources, and we finally went to the negotiating table to bring peace to our people and our country, we signed the Juba Peace Agreement, after The glorious December revolution, with the hope that we will write an end to the bitterness of wars in our country, Sudan. And to open the door to the process of peace and reconstruction, to unite the two Sudanese on new foundations, and to adopt equality as a basis for rights and duties, and for this goal, the peace with which we came to Khartoum and with which we participated in the transitional government was the compass that guides us in making any decision or accepting any assignment, this precious peace that we have become a threat, and here I commend the role of my comrades in the Juba Peace Agreement and extend my praise to them for their continuous endeavor to end the current war and for their preservation of the peace that was signed in the year 2020; Our duty today is to work to stop this war and to reach logical solutions through the negotiation table to stop it, limit its effects and mitigate its impact on our beloved people.

The steadfast, patient, heroic Sudanese people
Today I have accepted the assignment to assume the position of Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, not as a substitute for anyone and not as a siding with any party other than Sudan and the interests of its citizens first and foremost, and my intention to work through this assignment is on the following priorities:

Harnessing all my capabilities and doing everything in my power to complete what I and my colleagues started to work towards a permanent cease-fire, and then work to stop the war sustainably and silence the sound of the gun in our beloved country, harnessing all my previous experiences and my knowledge of the details of the conflict and disagreement between the currently fighting forces, especially I am in constant communication with both parties.

Work to alleviate the human suffering of our people, who are stuck in war zones, stuck in crossings, the displaced, and refugees, and work to restore basic services and provide humanitarian aid such as water, food, medicine, and basic needs for all those affected by the war and for citizens all over the country. I can only pay tribute to the youth of the resistance committees, volunteers in emergency rooms, doctors and engineers from the Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company, and other heroes who have been working hard to mitigate the effects of the disaster on citizens and civilians.

Urgently continuing the work that we started earlier with the Minister of Finance to make the agricultural season a success, and to save our country from the threat of famine resulting from its failure, and the disastrous effects that follow.

I will work urgently with all our people and friends in the regional and international community, especially the initiative of the heads of state of IGAD, the African Union, the United Nations, and the rest of the international community, to coordinate among themselves and mobilize support to stop the war in a just and lasting manner that guarantees peace and long-term stability in Sudan, and then work to restore Construction and reconstruction.
Work to complete the path of civil and democratic transformation, whose banners were raised by the glorious December revolution, based on ensuring the participation of all Sudanese without exclusion and accommodating the many experiences and expertise of the Sudanese.
We also have to work seriously and with great national responsibility to prevent our country from slipping towards any regional or tribal division, to prevent any conflicts or wars on tribal or regional bases between the citizens of our beloved country, and to combat hate speech, because this country belongs to all of us and will support us all.
I extend my sincere thanks to Sudan’s brothers and friends in South Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, and Saudi Arabia for their generous stand and for receiving the Sudanese people and treating them in a dignified manner. We hope that these efforts will continue to work with us for a cease-fire, preventing the expansion of the war and opening the way for relief and aid to enter the Sudanese people.

I send a message to the leadership of the People’s Armed Forces, the ancient Sudanese institution, that there is no alternative to peace but peace, and there is no entry to peace except through dialogue.
I also address my message to the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces: There is no alternative to the stability of Sudan except through a single and unified professional army, taking into account Sudanese pluralism. Our experience has proven that there is no victor in war and the loser is the homeland and that there is no alternative but to listen to the voice of reason and prudence and sit with an open heart and a more open mind. For a negotiation in which we hope for nothing but the interest of the country and the safety and security of the citizens.
This war confirmed that the Sudanese nation-building procedures were subjected to a strong shock that calls for a review of the Sudanese nation-building procedures and the rebuilding of the identity of Sudanese citizenship. Permanent under the banners of freedom, peace, and justice.


#Vice_President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council

May 20, 2023

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