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Yasser Al-Atta: The armed forces destroyed advanced combat supplies for the rebellion

Khartoum 5/21/2023) – Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta, member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirmed the destruction of advanced external combat supplies by the Rapid Support militia coming from the direction of Central Africa, pointing to the drying up of the militia’s supply sources.

Al-Atta explained that the armed forces had arranged their plans well for how to remove the rebels from within the service centers represented in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and the citizens’ housing in the neighborhoods, indicating that this led to the postponement of military operations for several days during the last period.

He said in an interview with national television yesterday evening, Saturday, that the cleansing process needs some time, which he described as not long, in order to avoid and reduce civilian casualties, and to broadcast reassurances to citizens that the cleansing plan is proceeding well.

Al-Atta called on the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomats inside and outside Sudan, and all media outlets to expose the crimes and violations committed by the RSF, which he said are known to all.

Al-Atta criticized the position of some external and internal parties that were subjected to confirmed and unambiguous violations by the Rapid Support rebels, describing that the violating party is armed forces without clearly referring to the rebels, as if there is a political cover for the actions of the rebels or fear of them.

Al-Atta thanked the brotherly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America for their interest in the issues of the Sudanese, and the pursuit of a humanitarian truce, questioning the ability of the militia elements to abide by the terms and objectives of the truce, enumerating the negative practices of the militia, which he said are far from the meanings of humanity.

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