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Rapid Support recruits’ children in the Khartoum war.

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“Brown land Special”
It is not the first time that the Rapid Support Forces have been accused of recruiting children. During the past few years, official bodies and international organizations have filed complaints and accusations against the rebel Rapid Support Forces about recruiting children for military purposes. The Rapid Support Forces have tried to deny these charges in several ways, not necessarily including logical arguments. However, these forces are still attracting children under the legal age, as they are formed with which they began their activities as border guard forces, from which they cannot escape in order to adhere to the regulations of the respected military apparatus. that is spinning now..
The annual salary report issued by the Office of Monitoring and Combating Human Trafficking of the US State Department for the year 2020 AD, which is the office that leads the global efforts made by the US administration to combat modern slavery, by prosecuting traffickers, protecting victims and preventing human trafficking. It revealed that the Rapid Support Forces recruited children to break The sit-in of the General Command in the year 2019 AD, where he referred to the reports of international organizations that the Rapid Support Forces had recruited children in May 2019 AD, as the report revealed that Saudi Arabia paid the salaries of the recruits and supported and trained the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces participating in the war, where officers associated with the Rapid Support Forces received Bribes from families to allow minors to serve as fighters in Yemen.

The report said that Saudi officers trained and exercised tactical control over some units of the Rapid Support Forces participating in the war, and that the Saudi government provided salaries, uniforms, weapons and training to Sudanese fighters in Yemen, including children between the ages of (14) and (17) years, The major disaster is a report that contained interviews with fighters from the Rapid Support Forces in the year 2018 AD, in which they revealed that a large percentage of the participating forces in Yemen are children, and some of them reported that the percentage of children in the Rapid Support Forces is 40% of the total number of participants in the Yemen war. While others reported that the percentage of children in the ranks of the forces is about 20% of those who participate in combat roles in Yemen.
On July 9, 2019, the Deputy Director of the Office of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Sudan, Nafisa Bint Shafiq, confirmed the UN organization’s interest in verifying allegations spread through the media about the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces recruiting children to participate in military operations.

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