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Text of the speech of His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

On the occasion of Army Day No. (69)

Monday, August 14, 2023 AD

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful
May peace and blessings be upon his noble Prophet, and upon his family and companions, the most complete prayer and the best salutation

  • our patient and fatherly people,,,* On this day, the fourteenth of August of last year, in the city of Shendi, we received the anniversary of Eid No. (68) for your armed forces, and we affirmed at that time that we will continue to sacrifice cheap lives for the sake of the security, stability and dignity of this country. We did not imagine that the hand of treachery would extend Treason is from the leadership of the Rapid Support Forces, and it is tyrannized by greed and thirst for power to the extent that the government, army and people have imposed on us this war that we are forced to fight in defense of the security and dignity of the Sudanese nation, after we have taken all means and provided everything that can be provided to prevent its occurrence, and to preserve the lives and blood of our people Which we used to save to build and renaissance the country and to form a bright present and a bright future for future generations. Dear fellow citizens, On this day, we receive the anniversary of the Sudanization of the leadership of your armed forces on August 14, 1954, and our country is facing the largest conspiracy in its modern history, targeting the entity, identity, heritage, and fate of our people, who have been, since the morning of April 15, facing the worst chapters of terrorism and war crimes at the hands of the traitorous rebel militia, Hamidati and his aides, who led The biggest phenomenon based on misleading, lying, deceit, falsifying facts and buying off people in the history of this country under the banner and banner of a fake institution called Rapid Support. And their desperate attempts have continued since the dawn of change in 2019 AD, taking advantage of the people’s revolution, the glorious December revolution, in empowerment and passing the private militia leader’s project, which is based on spreading chaos, fabricating security and economic crises, and investing in political tensions, to return the country to the eras before the modern state and to reside on the ruins and remains of the country, its people, and its armed forces. His own kingdom, under the false slogans of restoring democracy and civil rule, these slogans whose falsehood our entire people has lived through over the past months, looting of property, killing and self-abuse without discrimination, raping free women, and committing every crime that a mind can imagine or come to mind. How can you bring about democracy by committing war crimes in Khartoum, El Geneina, Kutum, Tawila, Sirba, Saliya, Menwashi, Kass, and every inch that the rebels have trodden in the country since their disastrous rebellion.

Our honorable people,,,*

We assure you and the whole world that the armed forces will remain the same throughout their history, which is close to a hundred years, and that we will remain professional forces that stand with the choices of our great people and their legitimate right to a state of law, democracy and institutions.
The state of freedom, peace and justice that the youth of my country dream of, after a consensus in which we avoid all transgressions and mistakes that preceded April 15, 2023 AD, in order to reach a tight, fair and acceptable political formula that will bring the country to the election station in which it will choose who will rule it with merit and merit, and then you will find your armed forces at your side and then To continue to perform its sacred national duty to protect the land and honor and to continue the process of modernization and development, as one unified army free from any distortions that threaten the Sudanese national security in the future.

Honorable Citizens,

In this regard, I do not fail to salute the martyrs of our country in all eras and the martyrs of the battle to restore our national dignity and resolve this rebellion, whose chapters are full of heroism and sacrifice. The states of the country mixed their blood with the blood of their brothers in the armed forces, police and security.

We also salute our entire people, men and women, old and young, to whom this national ordeal has only increased their determination, strength and confidence in their armed forces. And to avoid in the future the adventures of every reckless and adventurous person, and to start and continue together the process of building and rehabilitating what was destroyed by this war, with the permission of the Almighty.

Thanks to the neighborhood and friends of Sudan who sought and seek with us to restore security and stability to our dear homeland

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God be upon you

  • Media of the Transitional Sovereignty Council *
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