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The death of the artist Mohamed Al-Amin.


I extend my condolences for the passing of the artist Mohamed Al-Amin. His full name is Mohamed Al-Amin Hamad Al-Nil, born on February 20, 1943, and he was a Sudanese composer and singer. He played a crucial role in developing and promoting Sudanese music both within and outside Sudan.

His upbringing
Mohamed Al-Amin grew up in Wad Madani, where he learned to play the harmonica and oud at the age of 12. He attended schools in Wad Madani and received musical guidance, excelling in playing the oud. However, he did not pursue a full career in playing the instrument.

Start of his artistic career
After a childhood filled with music and a passion for learning, Mohamed Al-Amin joined the Blue Nile Police Music in 1960, distinguishing himself as a musician and singer.

His works
Mohamed Al-Amin was known for his distinctive vocal abilities and unique compositions, described as irresistibly smooth. Only a few songs were not composed by him, and each of his works carried a unique touch in Sudanese art.

He sang for the October Revolution, composing a hymn for Fadlallah Mohamed while in military prison, titled “October Twenty-One.” In 1966, he participated in the operetta “Epic of the Revolution.”

Mohamed Al-Amin also delved into the romantic genre, expressing deep emotions in his works. He successfully revitalized traditional songs, earning satisfaction from the audience.

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