Threats of Shutting Down South Sudan Oil by Sudan.

An Appeal letter to H.E. General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Chairman of Sovereign Council of the Republic of Sudan and H.E. General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemetti) Leader of the Rapid Support Forces

By Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth
June 20, 2023.

“Only a fool can laugh when the house of his neighbour is on fire” African Proverb.

We, South Sudanese, in the Republic of South Sudan, are worried and concerned about the war in the Republic of Sudan. We want to see this war done by yesterday, not today. Your pain and suffering as Sudanese is ours too because we have seen and experienced war.
With the war raging in Sudan, many factors are affecting South Sudan. The immediate concern is the displacement of South Sudanese from all the states of Sudan. Some are caught in cross-fire, leading to death and serious injuries.

The other concern is the threat by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to shut down South Sudan Oil. Whether these threats are real or part of the wider propaganda of the war, shutting down South Sudan Oil is a catastrophe to both Sudan and South Sudan.

As a former Minister of Petroleum, let me attempt to shade light on the benefits for Sudan from the oil of South Sudan:

A. The production of DPOC, GPOC, and SPOC used to be 210,000 barrels per a day (2016 to 2019) but it has now decreased to 170, 000 barrels per day as per the latest statistics by the Ministry of Petroleum.

With the $25 (fees) per barrel going to Sudan multiplify by 170,000 barrels per day and a month. Sudan is getting roughly about $127 million USD a month.

B. The 28,000 barrels a day being refined at Khartoum Refinery at Al-jaili, and with it came along, petroleum products are being consumed and used by Sudan. South Sudan gets the normal price of their crude oil barrels of 840,000 a month, which is roughly about 65 million USD a month.

C. The Central Processing Facility at Al-Jabalain and Heglig processing facility

The South Sudan Oil in DPOC and GPOC is being operated by Sudanese, and they are making a living there

D. The marine terminal at Port Sudan where Oil is being shipped to the international markets the workers there (truck drivers, storage facilities, chemicals being brought via Port Sudan, and many logistical operations) are being handled by Sudanese and they are making a living there.

This really needs only mathematics to know the profits of Sudan. With the listed profits above the two Leaders Gen. Burhan and Gen. Hemetti should protect the pipelines and the facilities at all costs.

Yes, South Sudan is benefiting a lot from the oil. The budget of South Sudan is being run and financed by oil. So the biggest loser is South Sudan, and that is the reason for my appeal to our brothers in Sudan.

This oil is our “Food Union” where all of us (South Sudanese and Sudanese) are benefiting.

This “Food Union” shutdown can be a loss not only to South Sudan and Sudan but also our International Oil Partners like CNPC of China, PETEONAS of Malaysia, and ONGC of India.

I know some South Sudanese will ask me why you never built an alternative pipeline as South Sudan? The answer is our pipeline will also either go through Kenya or Ethiopia and Djibouti. We will also have to manage relations there.

Yes, the ultimate objective is to end the war. Our appeal also is to end the war. The Sudan we knew is now being bombed back to Stone Age. And we do not want that.

How to end this war in Sudan.

H.E. President William Ruto has been delegated by leaders of IGAD to mediate. I am sure with Kenya mediating, we shall have another CPA2. Kenya mediated the first Sudan Peace, which produced CPA, and for sure, they can do the same. The Republic of Kenya has contributed to bringing peace to Sudan before and they are alive and well. Leaders like Rt. Hon. Speaker Moses Wetangula, Gen. Lazaruz Sumbeywo, Hon. Monica Juma and Hon. Amina Mohamed. They can be of great assistance to President Ruto since they have vast experience in conflict resolution and peace mediation.

However, the expert is H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit. As ex-officer of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), President Kiir knows all the leaders in Sudan, and he is an expert in “Ending wars,

His wealth of experience is needed in ending the war in Sudan. I am sure President Ruto will work closely with President Kiir to end this war immediately.

Ethiopia and Somalia, as part of Quartet, have experience in peace mediation and can be used to end the war in Sudan.

This war must end even if it means we all drive to Khartoum and use the traditional ways of ending conflicts in Africa by camping between the warring parties so that they do not shoot each other.

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