The vice president :I met this evening in the Rwandan capital, Kigali, with a group of the Sudanese community

, including several doctors and specialists in various medical fields, alongside businessmen and students. I expressed my gratitude for their keenness to meet government officials and briefed them on the humanitarian and political developments. We also discussed military developments and the significant progress achieved by the Sudanese Armed Forces in the Battle of Dignity.

We addressed some issues of concern to the community, with a focus on the matter of obtaining official documents, especially passports. I committed to sending a technical team from the Passport and Immigration Administration of the Sudanese Ministry of Interior within a month to address this issue.

The community also highlighted the issue of doctors wishing to work in Rwanda, specifically regarding registration with the Rwandan Medical Council. They requested communication between the Sudanese Medical Council and the Rwandan Medical Council to address this matter. They also suggested opening a center for the Sudan Open University to help students complete their studies. They affirmed that all Sudanese doctors in Rwanda are fully prepared to volunteer to teach these students until they can resume their studies. I praised their high sense of national duty and willingness to assist students in this critical situation in the country. I committed to discussing these matters with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and I will also meet with the Minister of Health to address these issues and establish agreements with their Rwandan counterparts.

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