Malik Agar’s meeting with the Ministry of Petroleum of South Sudan

This morning, I met with the technical delegation of the Ministry of Petroleum of South Sudan, as this was a continuation of a meeting i held yesterday with the Minister of Energy and Oil, Dr. Mohi Al-Din Naim Mohammed.  where the Minister provided a briefing regarding his visit to Umdurman, accompanied by officials from the National Electricity Authority for the purpose of identifying the progress of the power plants in Khartothe pipelines carrying the South Sudan oil through the State of Sudan and the possibility of conducting periodic maintenance operations in the current situation of the country, and I confirmed to the delegation that the Government of Sudan is ready to support the of conducting maintenance and that we know that the oil institutions in our two states have international partners and their sabotage will lead to future sanctions on the saboteurs.

During my meeting with the oil ministry delegation from Sudan Sudan, I pointed out that the challenges we will face is the presence of pockets of insurgency in the oil areas. And i assured the delegation that we are working to impose full control over the oil areas, which we expect will happen in the upcoming days.

May God protect Sudan and the people of Sudan

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