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Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta from Omdurman: No Negotiations or Ceasefire with Terrorist Militias.

Omdurman, March 24, 2024

Lieutenant General Yasser Abdul Rahman Hassan Al-Atta, a member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, reiterated that there will be no negotiations or ceasefire with the terrorist Rapid Support Forces militia.

During his attendance at the iftar hosted by the Mobile Command in support of the military operations of the General Command in Omdurman, with the presence of the Governor of Darfur Region, Mini Arko Manawi, the Acting Governor of Khartoum State, Ahmed Osman Hamza, and the leaders of regions, divisions, and military units, he emphasized that this war continues until victory, and the Sudanese army does not associate itself with militias whose only creed is murder and rape.

Governor of Darfur Region, Mini Arko Manawi, stressed the need to decisively settle the battle and expel the militia elements, including mercenaries and foreigners.

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