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Preliminary Committee of the Sudan Doctors Union..Violations in Gezira State

Confirmed reports from Gezira State indicate that our Sudanese people in villages and towns of Gezira State are suffering under the fires of violations by the Rapid Support Forces in all forms, including displacement, forced disappearance, injuries, killings, and rape… This is happening in conditions of internet blackout and absence of information.

Members of our brave people’s masses report that individuals from the Rapid Support Forces have raped two companions in the Al-Hussahisa Children’s Hospital. Additionally, they also raped a nurse who witnessed the incident and began screaming for help, as she was fulfilling her humanitarian role in protecting and preserving lives…

These crimes perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces must be met with full accountability. While we condemn these barbaric acts, we urge the local, regional, and international civil society, as well as all organizations and human rights activists, to work together to stop these violations and establish a broad front to safeguard human and civilian rights…

May God have mercy on the martyrs of the nation.
Speedy recovery to the injured.
Full solidarity with the rape victims.

Preliminary Committee of the Sudan Doctors Union – Executive Office
Monday, March 17, 2024
7 Ramadan 1445

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