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Sudan files a complaint against the UAE

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Sudan, through its permanent representative to the United Nations, officially filed a complaint with the Security Council against the UAE.
Brwon land obtained the text of Sudan’s complaint to the Security Council against the UAE’s support for the Rapid Support Militia from the beginning of the war until now, as well as a document monitoring the support provided by the UAE to the Rapid Support Militia and its allies through Chad.
On Thursday, Sudan submitted its complaint to the Security Council in (9) pages, in addition to a document consisting of (43) pages containing a monitoring of the military support provided by the UAE to the militia across Chadian territory.
Sudan’s complaint stated that on April 15 of last year, the Rapid Support Forces, led by Hemedti, carried out a large-scale attack on sovereign and strategic targets in the capital, Khartoum, aiming to eliminate the head of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, and members of the Sovereignty Council, and then assume power in implementation of a foreign interference agenda.
According to the complaint, when the attack failed, the rebel militia turned to committing violations and atrocities with unlimited support from the UAE. The militia carried out systematic attacks against the state, destroyed its infrastructure, targeted civilians with killing, looting, rape, and displacement, and seized civilian objects and public facilities.
Sudan asserted in its complaint that the aggressive behavior embodied by the UAE’s position on the war in Sudan, represented by recruiting and mobilizing mercenaries and providing weapons, armed military vehicles, marches, supplies, food and ammunition, is evidence of the UAE’s knowledge and certainty that when it did so while it was a non-permanent member of the Security Council, it was aware that it was planning To carry out armed aggression and support an armed military team that opposes the state and the government of Sudan to implement that plan.
Sudan stated that those responsible for this aggression and interference in Sudanese internal affairs from the Emirates were officials in a position that enables them to actually control or direct the political and military action of the state.
He stated that the UAE knows that committing the aggressive act of using armed force on its part against the sovereignty and integrity of Sudan constitutes a clear and clear violation of the United Nations Charter.
The complaint stated that the consequences of these aggressive acts prove the deliberate violation of the United Nations Charter and the violation of international peace and security.
Sudan called on the Security Council to take the necessary measures to force the UAE to immediately refrain from providing care, support and support to the Rapid Support Militia.
Sudan affirmed that it reserves its full right to self-defense, to initiate international litigation procedures, and to bring those responsible to international accountability.
Sudan called on the Security Council to publicly denounce the UAE’s aggression against Sudan and its people and firmly demand that it stop interfering in Sudan’s internal affairs, immediately stop recruiting mercenaries, and cut off military and logistical supplies to the militia.
He called on the Security Council to request that the UAE redress the damages and compensate for the losses caused by the militia attack.
He also urged Chad to stop allowing mercenaries to pass through its territory and prevent the recruitment of fighters on its territory, as well as to stop making its territory available for transporting weapons and sheltering the wounded. Sudan said that the same request extends to Central Africa.
Sudan urged the Security Council to use other available tools to curb the UAE aggression against Sudan.
The document monitoring UAE support for the militia, with which Sudan strengthened its complaint to the Security Council, revealed that UAE support for the militia began in June of last year and extended until this March.

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