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The Member of the Sovereignty Council, Ibrahim Jabir: The Armed Forces Will Not be a Party to any Political Agreement

El-Gadarif, 25-3-2024

Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Ibrahim Jabir, affirmed that the Armed Forces will not be a party to any agreement with politicians, and that the Armed Forces are the sole national army and will not accept any substitute.

He pointed out the transitional period led by a technocratic government tasked with organizing the affairs of the Sudanese people and preparing them for free and fair elections, in which the Sudanese people will determine their rulers.

During his address to officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of the Second Infantry Division in El-Gadarif, in the presence of the regional commander and division leaders and mobilized troops in the strategic battalion, Member of the Sovereignty Council clarified that the war is part of a larger plan than anticipated, indicating external interventions and parties that caused the conflict.

He praised the role of the Sudanese Armed Forces, regular forces, popular resistance, and mobilized troops in confronting and defeating the rebellion.

He paid tribute to the martyrs of the Battle of Dignity from the Armed Forces and the regular forces, expressing his wishes for the speedy recovery of the wounded and injured and the safe return of the missing.

He congratulated the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of the Second Infantry Division and the mobilized troops on the victories achieved on all fronts, commending the role of the leadership of the Eastern Region in supporting and assisting the Armed Forces and the regular forces in the Battle of Dignity against mercenaries and collaborators.

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