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Leader Musa Hilal sides with the Sudanese army

Leader of the Mahamid tribe and the Revolutionary Awakening Council, Musa Hilal, directed strongly-worded messages in a letter to the leader of the Rapid Support Forces militia, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti). Hilal declared his support for State 56, backing the Sudanese armed forces and fighting alongside them through the organization of the Awakening.

Addressing his supporters, Hilal stated, “We sacrifice for the nation with blood. We are not war instigators, nor do we take pride in war. However, armed looting occurred, and we defended Sudan, with our graves filling the earth. So, how can someone insignificant speak about the rightful owners and about the essence, when he appeared in 2018 and talks about me with what right?” – referring to Hemedti.

He added, “Those fighting against State 56 are ignorant and arrogant. We stand with Sudan, with Sudan’s independence, and with the Sudanese homeland. We camp under the Sudanese state and the armed forces. We camp under the Sudanese police. We, in the Awakening camp, are a part of the nation and complementary to it. We persist with our ideas and our proposed project. We are not slaves or ‘illegitimate offspring.’ We are free, and we will continue the journey, and no one dictates to us anything. This Sudan is a country of culture, heritage, and knowledge.”

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