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Qatar Charity returns children of displaced Sudanese to schools

As part of its series of humanitarian interventions in Sudan, Qatar Charity (QC) provided new shelter centres for displaced people in schools in the city of Port Sudan, the capital of Red Sea State, by providing tents to prepare schools and to resume education in the city.

Governor of the Red Sea State, General Mustafa Mohamed Nour, thanked Qatar and QC for providing humanitarian aid in various fields such as education, shelter, food and environmental sanitation. Director of the Education Sector and Minister in Charge of the Red Sea State, Hashim Ali Issa, lauded the efforts of QC for its contribution to the start of the school year and in overcoming the difficulties facing the displaced by providing them with shelter.

Naji Mansour, director general of the Sudanese Coalition for Education, said that the issue of sheltering the displaced in schools was one of the obstacles preventing the resumption of the educational process, and he thanked QC and all the institutions who contributed to sheltering the displaced.

In a related context, Al-Tom Bakhit, deputy commissioner for Humanitarian Aid in the Red Sea State, said QC was one of the first organisations to provide tents to prepare schools for study, and also provided urgent and continuous humanitarian support in the city, confirming the registration of all displaced children in the state’s various schools.

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