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Rapid Support Forces Arrest All Residents of Tuti Island and Use Them as Human Shields”

Since the outbreak of war, Tuti has been suffering its consequences, as it was invaded by the Rapid Support Forces militia, which took control of it.

Electricity has been cut off since May of last year, and water interruptions are frequent due to fuel shortages.

Since then, Tuti has been under siege, facing repeated violations against its citizens, numbering over 15,000.

Systematic looting and robbery have been ongoing since the war broke out and continue to this day.

The situation worsened recently after the radio station was liberated, with militia forces significantly increasing, making the western area off-limits to citizens.

Citizens’ suffering has intensified, with some seeking to leave via boats, which were confiscated by the Rapid Support Forces militia.

The only way out is through bribery, with a fee of 500,000 pounds, if approved, as the militia does not want citizens to leave.

Food, drink, and essentials are obtained through a single checkpoint, with exorbitant amounts extorted from traders.

The situation has escalated in recent days, with Tuti living in a real nightmare since the first day of Eid, with a very dangerous situation.

This is due to the rape of a girl from Tuti by members of the Rapid Support Forces militia.

People gathered on Eid for prayers and protested against this heinous and unethical act by pseudo-men.

Verbal altercations then occurred between locals and Rapid Support Forces soldiers, who opened fire on citizens without warning.

One young man was killed instantly, and 7 others were injured, with several locals, young and old, arrested without regard for the elderly.

Since then, Tuti has been living in tense conditions, with the Rapid Support Forces militia continuing to pursue, arrest, and abuse people.

Tuti is facing a catastrophic humanitarian situation, with shortages of food and medicine, and the militia preventing people from leaving the island.

The people of Tuti are hostages of the Rapid Support Forces militia; save the innocent citizens from the clutches of the militia.

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