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Catching UpThe African continent is witnessing significant political, economic and social transformation.In the past the stereotype of the globe’s collective idea about Africa is not more than ignorance, poverty, wars and hunger.The outbreak of COVID-19 has made all borders redundant as it infects people without discrimination. It does not differentiate between nations or cultures. Such pandemics sometimes alter the course of history and disrupt most predictive indicators.Back to Africa, the grim look about the continent is fading away through the collective awareness, cultural and social transformations which affected positively on the black continent especially amid youth who became able to express themselves and resisting the dictatorships which broke the back of the continent.It is true that the continent is in continuous attempts to rise up to avoid falling in the abyss.That being the case, the media has its major role in raising the awareness and to push forward to continent’s states to catch up with the modern and civilized countries.We, in Brown Land –which is a new English language outlet – will exert all possible efforts to become a real support to that transformation and change in our black continent through in-depth articles with being in equal distance and neutrality towards the issue of the region.We know that people have different understandings, and every reader is different and unique, so we will do our best in satisfying people from all walks of life.We will give more concentration on the democratic transformation, issues of peace, economic and social development beside the press freedoms.We hope that we become a positive added value in supporting the change in our Brown Land.Most important for us is to receive the feedbacks of our esteemed readers for the sake of more professionalism towards publishing a distinguished publication.

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