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The Janjaweed militia looting the warehouses of the World Food Program on the Al jazeera

The Republic of Sudan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Office of the Spokesperson and Media Directorate

Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the new heinous crime of the Janjaweed militia by looting the World Food Program warehouses in Al-Gazeera State and stealing more than 2,500 tons of food materials intended to help displaced people due to the war waged by the militia against the Sudanese people.

As the World Food program has put it, the stolen food items were enough to feed more than a million and half people in the war-affected areas.

In addition to making several hundreds of thousands of citizens homeless, the attack of the Janjaweed militia on the cities and villages in Al-Gazeera State and the accompanied terror by the militia against innocent civilians, including pillaging agricultural machinery and vehicles , will prevent farmers from harvesting food crops they have already cultivated, noting that Al-Gazeera is one of the leading food production areas in Sudan. Furthermore it seems that failure of the winter farming season is inevitable. Wheat, a staple food in serval regions of the country, is the most important crop grown during winter in Al-Gazeera. This will undoubtedly exacerbate the food crisis in the country.

All these acts, along with crimes of ethnic cleansing, rape, destruction of infrastructure and other atrocities, are the manifestations of the genocidal scheme the militia and its external backers are perpetrating against the Sudanese people
The Ministry, therefore, renews its call to the international community to move beyond mere verbal condemnations of the Janjaweed militia’s atrocities to take effective steps to prevent them by classifying thr militia as a terrorist group, and holding its supporters accountable for its terrorism. .

Friday, December 29, 2023.

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