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Human Rights Watch report on West Darfur

Republic of Sudan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Official Spokesperson and Media Department

press release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the findings of Human Rights Watch in its latest report on West Darfur that there is global inaction towards the atrocities committed by the terrorist militia, especially crimes of genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and widespread sexual violence. This is what the Ministry has been alerting the international community to and warning of its dangerous consequences.
The report, and its call for international sanctions on the militia leader, his deputy, and leaders affiliated with them, comes in support of what prominent lawmakers from the United States have called for to apply international criminal justice to the militia leaders.
There is no doubt that the current escalation by the terrorist militia in its attacks on the city of El Fasher, its adoption of the scorched earth policy and the removal of entire villages from the land, and its continuous bombing of residential neighborhoods devoid of a military presence, is one of the apparent results of international inaction in confronting the militia’s crimes. As is known, the city of El Fasher contains the largest number of people displaced from militia atrocities in any other region of Darfur. Accordingly, targeting El Fasher is targeting displaced people and civilians and confirms the insistence of the militia and its mercenaries from the African Sahel countries to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing against specific groups of the population, as described in the report of the aforementioned human rights organization.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the armed forces and joint forces are capable of defeating these evil plans. However, it draws attention to the fact that this escalation in attacks on El Fasher comes despite demands issued by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Security Council, and a number of senior Western officials not to attack the city. This means that the militia does not pay attention to such calls that are not accompanied by serious international measures to force it to stop its aggression. It is unfortunate that while these calls were being made, the regional sponsor of the militia continued to send weapons supplies to continue its attacks on defenseless civilians, while a permanent member of the Security Council assumed the task of obstructing the Council from carrying out its role in this regard. The militia’s persistence in its atrocities and horrific violations of international humanitarian law is a direct result of such negative and contradictory messages from Western powers.
The Human Rights Watch report provided a detailed description of the criminal and terrorist methods used by the militia over many months to depopulate West Darfur State, which amounts to genocide. Therefore, it is surprising that Western circles and UN employees insist that the Adre-Geneina crossing be the main entry point for humanitarian aid to Sudan, and not the agreed-upon Al-Tineh crossing. Insisting on the entry of aid through El Geneina, which the militia evacuated of its residents through its terrorist methods, will provide it with a new weapon against civilians and displaced people in Darfur, who will be at its mercy to obtain their humanitarian needs. In fact, the militia’s precedents of looting humanitarian aid warehouses and convoys and deliberately and previously announced obstruction of the delivery of food and medicine to the needy, which were not met with the attention they deserve.
Condemnation and firmness from the international community leave no doubt that it will use the weapon of starvation against civilians, and exploit the passage of relief to introduce weapons to its mercenaries.
On the other hand, the creative cooperation between the Sudanese government and brotherly and friendly countries to deliver humanitarian aid from within the country to various regions, especially cities hosting those displaced from the war, has yielded great success and has had tangible effects on the ground in alleviating human suffering.
In conclusion, the Ministry renews its reminder of the atrocities that the militia continues to commit in the state of Al-Jazira and parts of the capital and other states, with its continuous targeting of safe villages, and the woes and violations it inflicts on its residents, and women in particular, and the killing of innocents. It has not received condemnation or significant attention from the international community and has been met with what resembles… Silence .

Saturday, May 11, 2024

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