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Al-Burhan from the Artillery Forces in Atbara: We will soon celebrate victory

Atbara, 4th April 2024

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, stated that we will soon celebrate victory, and the entire Sudanese people will celebrate the triumph over the rebel militias of the Al-Daqlu family against the state.

Al-Burhan praised the officers, non-commissioned officers, and soldiers of the Artillery Forces in Atbara, affirming that the armed forces are capable of deterring anyone who dares to tamper with the resources, dignity, and sovereignty of the Sudanese people.

He commended the efforts of all regular forces in various formations and units in confronting the aggression of the rebel militias.

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council reiterated his assurances that the armed forces will move forward in ending this war soon.

Transitional Sovereignty Council Media

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