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JEM Leadership Warns Tchad against Supporting th RSF

sident Mohamed Idriss Deby that the Sudanese were surprised that the political leadership in Chad, after the war that the Janjaweed ignited in Khartoum, is subjugating the Chadian state – the entire state in fact – to support the Janjaweed with fuel, ammunition, and mercenaries.
He added: “We, as Sudanese citizens, submitted protests to the Chadian President against the bribed generals in Chad who have received money stolen from the Sudanese through the hands of the rapid support.”
Bishara denounced the Chadian authorities for not taking legal measures to return the Sudanese women’s gold and cars that entered Chad.
He continued: “The gold of Sudanese women and the gold in bank storage was stolen by the Janjaweed and given to Chadian officials.”
Suleiman called on the State of Chad to respect the rights of neighbours with Sudan, stressing that the actions of the Janjaweed will bring blame onto Chad.
He pointed out that the President of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed, did not receive the Chadian President, which angered the latter, who expected a review of the relationship between the two countries.
“If the Chadian leadership continues to support the Janjaweed, they will pay a heavy price.” he concluded

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