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*Daglo: The RSF has been subject to treachery and murder by hidden hands since the beginning of the change *

Khartoum 13-5-2020

The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo said that the events of Kadogli city are not new to the R.S.F, which have been subject to treachery and cold-blooded killing since the beginning of the change and with planning and prior arrangement through hidden hands that will be revealed at the appropriate time.

Daglo said in a journalist statement after checking the injured victims today in Kadogli events at the Medical Service of the R.S.F in Shambat region, the aim of incident was to draw rapid support for the sedition by crashing with the army and taking it out of Khartoum.

The First Vice-President of the Sovereign Council promised politicians who are wishing to reach power to follow legitimate means in order to preserve the country’s capabilities, and urged members of the R.S.F to stay patient and be careful, pointing out that the law has guaranteed the right of self-defense.

His excellence stressed that a meeting chaired by the President of the Sovereign Council was held today and came out with important and conclusive recommendations to solve the security problem in the country, indicating that it was agreed to form joint courts and field courts.

He appealed to the armed and other governmental forces to renounce tribalism, be responsible and stay with a one man’s heart.

He stressed that the law is capable of determinately resolving all those who stand behind sedition and those who speak of national security Unlawfully, and that all events that occurred in the past in the states will be reviewed.

Brigadier Jamal Jumaa, the spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, clarified that part of the security arrangements forces of the 14th Division attacked one of the two groups outside the city of Kadogli with four vehicles and killed and wounded a large number of citizens and members of the Rapid Support Forces who were with their families during their official holidays and two patrol vehicles owned by R.S.F were destroyed, and they killed and injured those on board.

He pointed out that the number of martyrs of the Rapid Forces in this incident reached 9 martyrs, in addition to injuring 16 others and the death of ten citizens.

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