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Rapid Support Forces Isolation Health center

At the opening of the Rapid Support Forces isolation health center, the first vice-president of the
Sovereignty council: the center will be under the authority of ministry of health to serve citizens if the
epidemic worsens in the country.
05-04-2020_Khartoum: RSF_ E-media
The first vice-president of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander of Rapid Support Forces
Mohamed Hamadan Daglo opened RSF isolation health center at Karari locality, with capacity of 200
beds and highly prepared with medical equipment’s to tackle COVID-19 pandemic and the first vice-
president of the sovereignty council announced their full measurements to equip an additional 1000 bed
in case of pandemic aggravation and set it under the authority of the salutary ministry of health to serve
all citizens.
The first vice-president of the sovereignty council directed the medical unit of the RSF to work on
sanitation, spraying and raising awareness among members of RSF and citizens stressing that in case of
the situation becomes worse the forces will have additional roles to deliver food to homes and
completely isolate areas or cities, asking god that the country does not reach this phase, noting the
importance of preparing and training forces members physiologically so as they can play their role in
response to the pandemic.
His Eminence called on all citizens to the importance of following all the instructions and warnings
stated by ministry of health concerning the risks of spreading and combating of the pandemic, stressing
on the importance of avoiding some Sudanese traditions like occasion gatherings, eating and drinking
from the same dish or any other behavior that contradicts with spreading of disease. He sent a special
message to elderly to stay at home and follow a healthy diet that raises body immunity against the
The first Vice president saluted the efforts of the medical cadres and he said; that they are working
under hard conditions and limited capabilities, describing them with the white Army and the first line of
defense fighting COVID-19, emphasizing on their support to them in this complicated circumstances, he
stood up with a military salute to all doctors and workers in the medical field for their great role in
fighting the pandemic.
His Eminence called all businessmen, benevolent and all citizens to the importance of solidarity with
each other and supporting the weaker segments and ones with limited income, especially that the
country is passing through critical economic circumstances, under the disruption of business according
to the directives of the highest committee for corona emergency.
He stated that Corona pandemic has affected more than million people and claimed thousands of lives
around the world.

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