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Sudan efforts to stop illegal emigration:

Despite that emigration is an old phenomenon and it made civilizations and communities but in this era and the huge increase of the populations and the weak circumstances of economies and the revolution in transportation that helped in the movement of individuals between countries , let the dreamers of excellent work opportunities looking to move to a new land where the dream can come true.
And with the change of political and economic circumstances , the (free) emigration became unwelcome in those dream countries .
And after applying acceptance terms to those countries now the dreamers and the job seekers are looking for illegal ways to access those countries , which led to the rise of the illegal emigration .
The researchers are detecting a bond between illegal emigration and human trafficking and weapons and drugs dealing , the victim is offered the transportation secretly to that country borders for money and its often an unsafe journey .
Noticing that illegal emigration (human trafficking) is violating the target country rules from the victim and the smuggling gang , as for the human trafficking it’s a violation to the human rights to all involved in that crime .
The Sudan just like other African countries were negatively affected with the illegal emigration due to its special position that helps in border migration with Egypt Libya and other African countries . for that in the conference held by the European union with the African union with sponsorship of the united nations summarized that there must be a permanent office to fight the illegal emigration and the criminal operations that comes with it .
The African nation chosen the Sudanese capital khartoum permanent headquarters continental operation center for illegal emigration with the signing of the rep of the union director of foreign affairs Mariam cici on behalf of the African union and the Sudanese ambassador in adis ababa el-tayeb el-gaylani on behalf of the Sudanese government on Monday 11 nov 2019 .
The ministry of foreign spokesman confirmed that this step express the efforts of the sudan in fighting illegal emigration and  human trafficking and it wasn’t available before the revolution to have such national centers because it was isolated and banned from benefiting the national and international organizations finance as a result of the previous system politics .
And he that Khartoum will be permanent headquarters with the financial and technical support of the European union which is acknowledging the efforts by sudan  in that manner and that came due to the opening to the world and the bond with the EL-DAAM EL-SARIEE forces which helped to reduce illegal emigration and human trafficking by securing the borders and its professional skills in forcing the power of the continent over this large scales of borders with some neighbor countries that illegal emigration is causing big human resources issues in .
And the spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces the dean Gamal EL-deen Gomaa confirmed that choosing the sudan to be the permanent headquarters for the fighting of illegal emigrations and human trafficking is deserved for the sudan for that it is a path country from the east to the north of Africa and that the sudan is affected by .
And he added that sudan is making very big efforts with its specialized departments and police and the rapid support forces andgaining big wins in the way of reducing the phenomenon with big aids from the army and the intelligence , and he continued saying the European union countries are from the affected along with the African nations that is losing a lot of its citizens with unsafe adventure and human smuggling .
And he signaled that the sudan will benefit a lot from the center and improving its potentials with serving better efforts than before for whats given by the center and the organizations giving the logistic and technical support in this field .
The rapid support forces and the fight with the illegal emigration
Since it was formed 7 years ago the rapid support forces kept big attention cause it’s a fighting forces which was formed to fight the mutiny in Darfur and protecting the borders but soon it had multi chores to fighting organized crime including drugs and illegal emigration and collecting the weapon from the civilians .
KHARTOUM Conference Decision
The sudan conference that were held from the 13th to the 17th of November 2014 with partnership with many of the African horn countries and the African north and the European union with an initiative from the African union and a sponsorship from the European union gave the sudan the task of fighting illegal emigration which meant there must be internal changes that gave birth to the law of fighting illegal emigration year 2014 and forming the national committee for fighting illegal emigration headed by the under president of the ministry of justice and other committees in the other states .
The government changed the law of the emigrants  passports to close the gaps of illegal housing and restricting the laws to support the fight of illegal emigration and dismantle the smuggling gangs and arrest them .
Arresting the biggest human smuggling gang
And even before the assignment the rapid support forces which is a part of the army  under the order of the general  commander of the army fought war against the gangs of smuggling and drugs and weapons .
Those operations gave birth to seizure a huge amounts of guns and ammo and drugs along with a number of smugglers and hundreds of victims from the neighbor countries who was in intending to go to Europe through the sudan .
And the rapid support forces made a huge success in fighting the illegal emigration which is considered as the reason for passing and organized crime that is ruled by an international criminal network active in a lot of home security disturbance issues .
And the rapid support forces proved its worthy ness by securing the borders by making a lot of achievements in the illegal emigration and drugs and weapons fighting  .
The numbers talking
Wednesday the 18th of September was an exceptional day as a part of the rapid support forces led by the colonel yousif el-baloula seizures the biggest gang of trafficking  in the triangle area in the northern state in the borders between sudan and Libya and chad . the operation led to arresting 33 criminal including 9 sudanese 24 Libyan and freeing 138 from  different nationalities 71 sudanese and 37 Ethiopian and 24 Libyan and 6 from chad and cought 18 cars ready to smuggle .
And the Rapid Support Forces seized about 154 infiltrators, including foreigners and Sudanese, in the Triangle area in October 2018, the most prominent event in which they faced legal measures.  And Previously, 61 foreign infiltrators, including Sudanese, were seized in the (Burmurqi) area in the northern state, and 64 foreign infiltrators were arrested in Al-Sayah In North Darfur State, 77 infiltrators in the Kulbus region, 28 in the Triangle area and 15 in the Wadi Howar area.
According to statistics, in 2016, the Rapid Support Forces managed to rescue 2017, an illegal immigrant, most of them women and children, and arrest 2,500 others who were on their way to Libya and from there to Europe. In March 2017, 115 people were arrested on their way to Libya, west of the city of Dongola, using a ZS vehicle and 6 Land Cruisers, in which 8 smuggling gangs were arrested.
In March 2017, 115 people were arrested on their way to Libya, west of the city of Dongola, using a ZS vehicle and 6 Land Cruisers, in which 8 smuggling gangs were arrested.
On 15 July 2017, two groups of human smuggling groups were arrested, including 6 Land Cruisers and 43 people, in September 2017 in the Triangle area in North Darfur, 61 people of different nationalities were freed from the grip of human traffickers, after the clash with them, in which 6 vehicles Landcruiser armed with Dushka machine guns were seized , Horns and some light weapons.
Also, in March 2018, the Rapid Support Forces managed to arrest the number of 70 persons who were detained in a house with the intention of smuggling them to neighboring countries.
The consensus is that the efforts of the Rapid Support Forces and other regular forces in combating illegal immigration and maintaining security in the Darfur region are among the reasons for lifting economic sanctions on Sudan in January of 2017.
The number of infiltrators to Europe decreased
Observers did not rule out that the decrease in the number of infiltrators to Europe was due to the rapid support forces RSF’s clear efforts to close the border gap to people from various African countries.
The European Frontier Protection Agency (Frontex) – in Warsaw, announced in early January 2019 – according to Reuters, it announced the decline in the numbers of those who cross the European borders illegally in 2018, and indicated that Germany is the fifth country receiving refugees, and warned of a decline The number of arrivals to Italy and the high percentage of arrivals to Spain.
Frontex said its estimates indicate that 150,000 people entered the EU member states on illegal immigration trips in 2018, the lowest number reaching the European Union in five years and much less than 2015 when the number of migrants reached a peak of more than a million immigrant.
Immigration and fighting terrorism
There is no doubt that the issue of illegal immigration has become one of the issues haunting the international community because of the security forms it causes for that international, especially as it relates to the file of terrorism.
A workshop on illegal immigration and human trafficking (challenges and solutions) organized by the (TA H) Center for Artistic and Media Production was held in the Peace Rotana Hotel in the presence of a representative of the Minister of Interior Major General Abdullah Abusan and in the presence of a spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, Brigadier Jamal Juma and leaders of the Revolutionary Front Al-Tom Hugo, Juma Al-Wakeel and related parties.
The workshop discussed the concept of illegal immigration and migrants’ rights, national efforts to reduce illegal immigration and human trafficking, the role of the international community in this, internal and external challenges, and how to combine efforts to reduce illegal immigration and combat human trafficking.
For his part, the representative of the Minister of the Interior, Major General Abdullah Abusun, called to address youth issues and expand job opportunities for them in order to detonate their energies in the service of their homeland instead of unsafe migration, stressing the need to coordinate efforts between the various relevant authorities and civil society organizations in order to eliminate the phenomenon and deal With her firmly.
Brigadier Jamal Jumaa, Spokesman for the Rapid Support Forces, pointed to the contributions of rapid support in combating illegal immigration, noting that the Rapid Support Forces succeeded between 2016 and 2017 in rescuing 2107 African citizens on the Sudanese-Libyan border, as well as arresting 2,500 illegal immigrants, noting the efforts Rapid support during 2018 and 2019 in the liberation of 61 people who are victims of human trafficking crimes, as well as the arrest of 70 people who were prepared to smuggle into Libya in the area of ​​Kulbus in West Darfur State, stressing the readiness of the Rapid Support Forces to cooperate and coordinate in order to put an end to this phenomenon that worried the international community.
Meanwhile, Tom Hugo, a leader in the Revolutionary Front, praised the state’s interest in national and regional issues and its cooperation in combating illegal immigration, appreciating the role of the Rapid Support Forces and other regular forces in this regard.
Hugo said that the choice of Sudan as the headquarters for combating illegal immigration came as a result of the efforts undertaken by the armed forces and rapid support forces in combating cross-border crime, calling for cooperation and coordination between all relevant authorities to combat illegal immigration. He said that the solution to this issue lies in addressing Problems that compel young people to emigrate, and added that Sudan could receive all of Africa if there was support and political stability.
For his part, the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement, the wing of Minawi Jumaa al-Wakil, praised the efforts of the Rapid Support Forces and their commander, General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, in combating the phenomenon of human trafficking and illegal immigration, noting the great contributions made by the Vice-President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo, to a breakthrough in Peace file and its signature of the Declaration of Principles agreement in Juba.
Dr. Imad Jameh, an expert in international relations, pointed out that the Rapid Support Forces succeeded in combating human trafficking and illegal immigration, stressing that its success in this file prompted the African Union to choose Sudan to be the headquarters of the continental center for combating illegal immigration. Jameh pointed to the security, economic and social damages caused by such activities, calling for the need to intensify control points on the common borders between Sudan and neighboring countries.
Sudan made determined efforts in combating illegal immigration, which led to a marked decrease in the rate of infiltrators to European countries, according to what was mentioned by the relevant authorities. He affirmed his merit by limiting the spread of transnational and organized crime related to illegal immigration, which made him eligible to choose the capital, Khartoum, as the permanent headquarters of the African Union’s Continental Operations Center for Illegal Immigration.
He said that the Rapid Support Forces presented a great gift to the Sudanese people through its effective contribution to saving young people and many lives who almost died at sea and described the workshop as purposeful and objective.

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