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Al Fakher Sudanese Company reveals for the first time in numbers the volume of its gold exports and the value of its imports of strategic commodities Date: 17-June -2020

President of the Al-Fakher Company, Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud, expressed his happiness after the company’s efforts and initiatives resulted in the recent decisions issued by the Economic Emergency Department. Mahmoud Mohamed said that the changes that took place in the gold file would not have occurred had it not been for the initiative taken by the company. He added: “We congratulate the Sudanese people, the hard minerals, gold traders and exporters of this victory, and we will continue the journey until the opening of the Khartoum Gold Exchange, which preserves the beloved homeland the actual value of its wealth and commodities.” Mahmoud revealed that Al-Fakher Company participated in the economic emergency committees from a national standpoint and came as a result of its adoption of an editorial opinion that issued the gold by the advance payment of all those wishing at all stages of the consultations.
After the success of the idea of Al-Fakher Company, it became available to all workers in the gold sector from exporting gold, with no monopoly to any party, but rather it is open to any person or legal entity according to the decisions of the Central Bank of Sudan. It is known that the Fakhr Company initiated after the success of the Sudanese revolution in December and moved the gold file and placed it on the table and the return from export became in the hands of the Sudanese state, not in the hands of the smugglers, as it formed a new direction for the state in holding real partnerships with the private sector. Through its initiatives, Al-Fakher Company has provided important strategic commodities such as gasoline and wheat in cooperation with the transitional government represented by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi, through his courageous decision he made in his first year in the transitional government of Sudan headed by Dr. Hamdouk, through his approval of the initiative of the Sudanese company, Al-Fakher, which is summarized by exporting the gold from which Sudan produces tens of tons annually and investing its revenues to import strategic commodities such as fuel and wheat. The first steps of the head of the Economic Committee, Lieutenant-General Hamidati, started with interest in the gold file, which is one of the most important sources of income for millions of Sudanese, in addition to being a major supplier of foreign currencies to the Sudanese state treasury.
The Central Bank of Sudan announced on Tuesday evening new policies to regulate gold exports. The Supreme Economic Committee approved the new gold export policy through a publication that will be issued by the Central Bank of Sudan later allowing the Central Bank of Sudan to export gold by any legal person after fulfilling all applicable export controls and procedures and agreed to implement the operations of free gold exports and mining gold waste from the way of advance payment Raw or filtered. The prospectus for Bank of Sudan includes permitting the sale of proceeds from the sale of free gold and mining gold to any importer, in place of previous policies.
On Wednesday, Mr. Mahmoud Mohamed, President of Al-Fakher Company revealed in exclusive statements to Kush News newspaper, for the first time, the volume of the company’s transactions with the Sudanese government, as the company’s total gold exports amounted to $ 102 million until April, and the company met the needs of the Ministry of Finance to import strategic goods with more than 200 million dollars includes wheat, gasoline and cooking gas, meaning that the company paid from its own resources to cover the costs of importing important commodities. Mahmoud said (that the Al-Fakher Company contributed to a huge national work to break the economic hardship and the strategic commodity crisis and that the balance of incoming and outgoing in favor of the company is that the value of gold issued is half of the value of our imports of strategic goods and that any dollar of gold revenue was in accordance with the Sudanese Ministry of Finance strategy).


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