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The Higher Committee for Economic Emergencies, headed by Lieutenant General Daglo and his deputy, Dr. Hamaddoc approves the new circular for Gold Exporter and reviews the work of the investment portfolio

Khartoum 16-6-2020

  The Higher Committee for Economic Emergencies approved, at its emergency meeting, in the Friendship Hall today, headed by Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Diqlo, Chairman of the Committee and with the participation of its alternate president, the Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk and the members of the committee approved the circular approved by the Bank of Sudan, the following are the policies of the gold exporter, which aims to reorganize the free gold exporter and mining waste companies by virtue of its importance in promoting and developing the economic performance in the country,

   It reviewed the work of the Committee on Investment Portfolio, which was finally formed after deliberations that lasted for more than two months, and which deals with strategic goods represented in hydrocarbons and medicine, and to address problems and challenges facing export commodities.

   In a statement after the meeting, the head of the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Diqlo, praised the businessmen, specialists, and all parties that contributed to the creation of the portfolio, noting that the delay that the committee’s work needed was due to the search for a guarantee to preserve the rights of those shareholders who had vowed to serve The country and the people in light of the conditions and crises that Sudan is going through, and Daglo also praised the dollar traders who maintained its price during the past period of non-speculation, pointing out that the rise witnessed during the past days can be controlled in various ways, and called on citizens to help the state to inform speculators in the price Foreign currencies in order to be combated, indicating that fighting the rise in the price of the dollar will preserve the achievement and gains that the Ministry of Finance has achieved for workers in the country by increasing their salaries.

   Daglo preached the gold exporters by exporting their gold from tomorrow through Khartoum Airport after the approval of the new publication to reorganize the free gold exports and the mining waste companies went to call for adherence to the controls and procedures specified by the publication, which canceled the previous controls, and Daglo pointed to the state and after including all the conditions that the gold exporters called for, In the new post, it will not allow any piece of gold to be smuggled.

   The Lieutenant-General Daglou, said that the committee will do its utmost to lift the suffering and remove the rows that the citizens have been suffering from, adding, “They did not come to serve a party or any party or to polish themselves and do not want penalty or thanks except from God, but we came to serve this poor people and meet their aspirations And his passion for change and the glorious revolution, “he pledged to hold elections and achieve democracy in the country and prevent any fraud in the upcoming elections, and he added that we will work to activate the laws that have been passed, especially the law of informatics, which obliges everyone to investigate the accuracy of dealing with issues and not through the use of fabrication and lies that hold its owner accountable. Legal.

   For his part, the Prime Minister and alternate president of the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, said in a statement after the meeting that the largest achievement of the committee was the emptiness of the formation of the Strategic Commodities Committee, which will contribute greatly to the stability of the exchange rate of the dollar and in providing strategic goods in a way that ensures that the decent citizen has These goods in a regular way. The committee will also address the rows and suffering that the citizens have been experiencing during the last period, and to address the problems and challenges facing the export operations, whether represented by foreign or domestic exchange. Hamdouk that the committee reached the form of governance and the shareholders in this portfolio from commercial banks and companies. Thank you, it was agreed to announce the final announcement of this portfolio next Saturday.   During the meeting, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan Mohamed Ahmed Bushra Badawi read the regulations and procedures governing the export of free gold and gold waste from mining

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