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The President of the Sovereignty Council presides over the joint meeting of the Sovereign and Councils of Ministers in the presence of representatives of the forces of freedom and change Khartoum 27-6-2020 AD

Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, chaired the joint meeting held at the Presidential Palace today in the presence of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamduk, and included a number of members of the Sovereign and Council of Ministers, with the participation of El Sadiq al-Mahdi, head of the National Umma Party and representatives of the forces of freedom and change.

The meeting discussed the issue of peace in the country, and the commemoration of the thirtieth of June, the meeting agreed on the outstanding issues in the peace negotiations, and the need to reach an agreement leading to a lasting peace before the delegation of mediation and armed struggle movements went to Juba.

The meeting affirmed the strong political will to achieve peace as it is a top priority for the transitional period, and praised the tremendous efforts made by the government of the southern state to achieve peace in Sudan.

The member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Ata, in a press statement congratulated the Sudanese people on the anniversary of the thirtieth of June, which everyone is preparing to celebrate as a day of glorious and eternal revolution. Free, independent and democratic.

Lieutenant General, Yasser Al-Atta, emphasized that the armed forces and all other regular forces are an integral part of this great people and work to protect the land and the people and the capabilities and capabilities of this loyal people, and its sovereignty revealed that the military establishment has laid plans to protect the youth of the revolution in all their ceremonial sites, expressing his hope In that the celebration of a civilized and civilized outfit expresses the glory and glory of the glorious revolution.

For his part, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Bashir Manis, confirmed that the meeting discussed what was reached in peace negotiations with all parties with the President of Southern Mediation, Advisor to President Salva Kiir for Security Affairs, Tut Qalwak, and Dr. Diu Matouk, the mediator and the delegation of the representatives of the strong armed struggle negotiators in Juba who Yasser Arman Saeed included the “Popular Movement North, led by Malik Aqar,” Mohammed Bashir Abdullah Abunmeh, “Sudan Liberation Movement”, and Ahmed Taddouq of the “Justice and Equality Movement”.

Manis added that the meeting dealt with outstanding issues in the peace files, and the price of my delegation’s mediation visit and the strength of the armed struggle for the homeland to sit with the components of the transitional period to arrive as quickly as possible to agree on the outstanding issues. Today evening and tomorrow, in order to reach final results representing human beings to accelerate the pace of peace.

In the same context, Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, deputy head of the National Umma Party, saluted the Sudanese people inside and outside the country, especially the displaced people and refugees in the camps, stressing that everyone is working diligently to return to their safe areas. She explained that the meeting made a sincere national effort and discussed with high transparency between the partners of the transitional phase, efforts to achieve the goals of the revolution, and concluded that this partnership is real and serious and will lead to the success of the Sudanese people in achieving the goals of their revolution, and Dr. Maryam announced the formation of a common room for all partners of the transition period in the thirty From June to follow the developments, she added that the meeting greeted the great success of the Sudan Partners Conference in Berlin, and said that the Sudanese people deserve this honor, which will contribute to Sudan’s return to the international community, on the basis of partnership with all countries.

To that, a strong member of freedom and change, Siddik Yusef, stressed that moving forward in the approach of the martyrs of the revolution until the goals for which they sacrificed their lives were achieved, and the martyrs of the revolution saluted, and said that the real victory in the June 30Th “The blood of the martyrs will not go in vain, but everyone will devote all effort And the time to achieve goals “he added, adding that the celebration of this memorial confirms that we are following in the footsteps of achieving all the goals of the revolution, and the engineer Siddiq Yusuf expressed that the celebrations take into account the difficult health conditions that prevented large mass celebrations from occurring, hoping that the celebrations will be wonderful in the level and greatness of the thirtieth of June.

On the same level, the head of the southern mediation, Tut Qalwak, confirmed that mediation and the delegation of the armed struggle movements presented their vision to address the outstanding issues in the files of the meeting, and Tut Qalwak preached to the Sudanese people the imminence of achieving peace in Sudan. Achieving stability and peace in Sudan, adding that the mediation carried the message of peace with it to Khartoum and that the arrival of the delegation of the armed struggle movements to Sudan before the signing of the peace confirms the seriousness and readiness of the Revolutionary Front to achieve peace, and your concern pointed out that the armed struggle movements discussed all national issues.

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