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The Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies examines the reports of the anti-smuggling and sabotage committees of the national economy and legal issues. Khartoum 23-6-2020 AD

In its meeting today at the Friendship Hall, chaired by the First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the Committee, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Daglo in the presence of the alternate chairman of the Committee of the Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, the Supreme Committee for Economic Emergencies discussed the reports of the Anti-Smuggling and Subverting the National Economy and the Legal Issues Committee.

ةThe Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Rapporteur of the Committee, Ambassador Omar Manis, stated in a press statement that the Supreme Committee reviewed below the Legal Cases Committee the entirety of the laws and their projects that were prepared for the provisions of the legal system to address gaps in dealing with all smuggling crimes and sabotage of the economy, whether related to gold, precious metals or necessary goods that Affects the life of the citizen.

Ambassador Manis added that the committee reviewed a detailed report of the anti-smuggling committee in terms of its activities, plans and work, which covered most of the country, during which it seized large quantities of necessary goods and foodstuffs, in addition to quantities of precious metals and huge amounts of foreign currency.
He pointed out that the committee examined the nature of legal procedures and communications that were recorded in the prosecution offices, and confirmed the necessity of activating the work of all parties involved in combating smuggling to establish justice for all citizens urgently and in a known manner.

For his part, the head of the Anti-Smuggling Committee, the first Lieutenant General Adel Bashayer, explained that two committees emerged from the committee, the first of which is specialized in combating trafficking in foreign exchange outside official channels where quantities of foreign currencies were seized through unconventional mechanisms through follow-up and secret information, while the second is concerned with following up strategic goods From the source to the distribution stage, which contributed to the better arrival of goods to the distribution site as a result of the concerted efforts of the joint mechanisms represented in the regular forces and the mechanisms that belong to the Ministry of Trade.

Bashayer pointed out that the issue of smuggling goods and trading in foreign exchange harms the economy of the country, calling on citizens to report these negative phenomena, given that the citizen is the right-hand man for all the statutory agencies in surrounding such phenomena that lead to the destruction of the national economy, stressing the continuation of the work of the anti-smuggling committee during the period Coming in all states of the country.


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