First Deputy Chairman of the Sovereign Council reviews the overall security situation and development projects in the state of South Darfur

Khartoum 9_7_2020
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Diqlo briefed on the overall security and service conditions and improving people’s livelihood in South Darfur State.
This came when he met in his office today, the governor of the state, Major General Hashim Khaled Mahmoud, and the meeting discussed arrangements for preparing for the success of the agricultural season,
His Eminence clarified that the First Deputy secured the necessity of providing the state’s needs of basic and strategic commodities such as flour, fuel and gas.
The governor added that the meeting also touched on the results of the conference on peaceful coexistence, opening tracks and forming joint forces from the armed forces, rapid support, the police and the General Intelligence Service to secure the agricultural season and extend security and stability in the state.
The governor indicated that the first deputy promised to support development projects, especially the El Fasher-Nyala road, the Baggara water basin, the Technical Bridge, the solution to the electricity problem, and the Water resources.

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