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Rapid support seizes two power stations in one of the leaders of the defunct regime Storehouse

13th July 2020
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The Rapid Support Forces seized two power stations in the stores of the leader of the defunct regime, Abdul Basit Hamza, in the industrial area of Khartoum North.
And the rapid support intelligence succeeded, after a careful follow-up in controlling the two stations (German industry) with a capacity of 8 megawatts per unit, enough to illuminate an entire city of Sudan outside the national electricity grid.
The forces thwarted numerous attempts to sell the two stations to a number of destinations inside, and were also able to seize 10 containers as attachments to the two stations, along with 3 huge warehouses containing electrical workshop equipment.
The finance minister in charge, Heba Mohamed Ali, said that Sudan is suffering to provide electricity and “Begging” the world to help it solve the problem at a time when the leaders of the former regime are hiding their money for personal benefit.
The Minister described the seizure of rapid support for the two stations as a great achievement, and said: “We are all standing together, behind the rapid support and all the regular forces, to give the Sudanese people their rights and all their property.” And she stressed that “the time for theft, descendants, and assassinations has ended”, and that the transitional government will restore the Sudanese people their full rights.
The minister stated that the two seized stations cover areas suffering from electricity and water problems.
The designated Minister of Energy and Mining, Khairi Abdul Rahman, saluted the Rapid Support Forces and their great contribution to the pursuit and recovery of the Sudanese people’s money and property.
He said that the two seized stations produce 8 megawatts each, adding that it can be used in many locations outside the national network, and he continued, “We are in great need of them and they know this.” Rapid support for technically reviewing and inspecting the two plants, knowing the manufacturers’ sources, restoring, operating and allocating them to the deserved sites.
The second commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Rahim Hamdan Daglo, stressed that rapid support will go after those who hide the savings of the Sudanese people, and said that his forces will be recovered from whatever object the Sudanese people have the right, money and looted property.
“Our message to the stockpiles of the needs of the Sudanese people is that they take the initiative to inform the authorities before taking measures against them and raid the closed sites,” Diqlo added.
He stressed that the Rapid Support Forces lookout for every trainee against the Sudanese people, pointing out that the authorities had seized the stations’ stores before the forces arrived.


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