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Southern mediation: the signing of the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Front will soon be in Juba

Khartoum 14-7-2020
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

Dr. Dia Matouk, member of the Southern Mediation team, said that the signing of the peace agreement with the path of the Revolutionary Front will soon be in Juba. Mutouk confirmed that the government and the front reached a consensus on the six central national issues.

He explained in a press conference at the Peace Rotana Hotel this evening that it was expected today to sign the initials of the agreement of the central national issues, but the mediation considered that it is not necessary to sign this agreement now and decided to sign the initials of the peace agreement in the path of the Revolutionary Front in Juba in the near future , Indicating that by reaching a consensus on the six points with the revolutionary front, all negotiation files with the front have been completed, except for the file related to security arrangements. It is good that he will leave tomorrow to Juba with a security delegation to complete the security arrangements process, which he said is not a difficult and big issue.

Mutouk explained that signing with initials is not the end of the peace process in the Juba platform, given that there is a second stage, which is the stage of preparing the matrix for implementing the agreement, and he indicated that mediation will be presented with a proposal in coordination with regional and international partners to prepare the matrix and translate the agreement into English because many guarantors do not speak the Arabic language . Matouk expressed his thanks to the President and members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and the Prime Minister and the Sudanese political and societal forces for the great cooperation that the mediation delegation found. He also thanked the media that covered all stages of negotiations in Juba and Khartoum and formed a great momentum that helped mediation and the negotiating parties in reaching this important and accurate stage From the history of Sudan.

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