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The head of the Peace Commission meets the UNITAMS introduction delegation

Khartoum 3-20-2020
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

Professor Suleiman Al-Dabailo, Head of the Peace Commission, met today with his delegation at the headquarters of the Commission a delegation presented to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS). The meeting touched on the prospects for cooperation with the United Nations Mission in Sudan.

The Chairperson of the Commission said in a press statement that the meeting was fruitful and useful and constituted an opportunity to learn about the mission and the prospects for cooperation with it.

Al-Dabailo said that he briefed the delegation of the UN mission on the progress of the peace process in Juba and the stages it reached, indicating that the delegation of the applicant asked for the needs of the commission and how to support them, indicating that the Commission is looking forward to signing the peace agreement so that the vision is clear in how to deal with the UN mission, taking into account that after signing an agreement Peace, there will be new partners in this commission.

Al-Dabailo stated that he promised the delegation to provide a preliminary vision about the requirements of the commission during the next two days, expressing his hope that the mission would fulfill them.

For his part, Stephen Sequeira Head of the delegation said that the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) came in implementation of Resolution 24-25 issued by the UN Security Council, explaining that health precautions due to Covid 19 prevented the delegation from arriving on time and expressed his pleasure to visit the delegation For Sudan.

He said that the visit aims to inform the Sudanese and government officials about the tasks of the UN mission and how it will carry out its duties stipulated in the UN Security Council resolution.

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