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The Supreme Committee for Economic Emergency intends to hold accountable those responsible for re-exporting Sudanese livestock

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
Khartoum: 8-8-2020 m

The Higher Committee for Economic Emergencies held its meeting today at the Friendship Hall headed by the First Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, Chairman of the Committee … and Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok. The alternate president .. The meeting discussed a number of topics on the agenda. He also listened to the reports of the various sub-committees on the progress of the performance during the Eid period and what preceded it. The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Omar Manis, said in a press statement that the meeting came out with a number of decisions. The most important of these are the formation of a committee to investigate the repercussions of re-exporting Sudanese livestock For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries, holding accountable those who are negligent in this, forming a fact-finding committee about the phenomenon of speculation that has appeared in the gold market during the past days and assigning the Ministry of Finance to present a perception of the mechanisms of the Gold and Agricultural Commodities Exchange and the immediate implementation of a settlement Customs law according to the recent amendment in its law, referring to the committee’s decision to form a working group to review concession companies operating in the field of mining in addition to policies in the field of gold from the publication of the Bank of Sudan, establishing the stock exchange, giving special attention to gold production and activating the law of sabotaging the national economy to deter manipulators and activating the review committee Issued and supported by some elements from the relevant authorities. Manis added to the commission
I decided to establish a unified window for all incoming and outgoing operations in order to facilitate the export process to serve the export and import sectors for the benefit of citizens, and the committee requested an urgent report from the sub-committee concerned with combating gold smuggling from the main outlets, especially Khartoum Airport
The meeting reassured the progress of the commercial financing portfolio to provide strategic goods to citizens.

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