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The World Bank renews its commitment to support the Sudan project for the sustainable management of natural resources

Translated by Ahmed Hussain

The World Bank has renewed its commitment to continue its support for the second phase of the Sudan Project for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources.

The representative of the bank, Razan Al-Mu’tasim, during her address to the enlightening workshop of the project team of the mandates of the second phase organized by the sustainable management of natural resources project, confirmed that the bank is supporting the two projects of sustainable management of natural resources and reducing emissions resulting from degradation and deforestation that fall under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture.
She said that the World Bank provides support to the project in order to achieve sustainable management of resources, noting that the implementation of the second phase has been delayed due to the recent political events in Sudan, calling for the importance of coming up with a clear vision through this workshop and benefiting from the experience of the first phase.
For her part, the Director of the General Administration of Natural Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture and the representative of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Sawsan Khair Al-Sayed, expressed her happiness with the successes achieved by the project, noting that it was part of the first phase of the project, confirming that the project was technically affected but outside the framework of the project, which made it start the second phase, a good start by taking advantage of First stage experience.
She said that there will be a link between natural resources at the federal and state levels. It is expected that monitoring and evaluation indicators will progress, land reclamation will take place, and that there will be a close link between the project with regard to the acquisition of plans and studies that have been made at the Supreme Council for the Environment.
The President of the Supreme Council for the Environment, Professor Rashid Makki, said that information about the sustainable management of natural resources project is positive about the performance of the project, praising the efforts made to achieve these successes.
The National Coordinator of the Sudan Project for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Mr. Ibrahim Doka Al-Bashir, said that the second phase faced some obstacles as a result of the political changes that occurred in Sudan, stressing that all the steps that were taken in the first phase and their implementation to make the second phase successful.
He pointed out that what is happening now in Sudan is a result of the deterioration and collapse of natural resources, which requires efforts to make sustainable management of these resources to preserve them, stressing that the second stage is accompanied by environmental requirements, stressing the need for these projects to be reflected on the beneficiary communities and to adopt sustainable management of natural resources.

The second phase includes the states of North Kordofan, the River Nile and Northern states, and the first phase was implemented in the states of Jazira, White Nile and Kassala.


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