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Destructive flood impacts in Tokar City

Port Sudan: 9-19-202 A.D.
Translated by Ahmed Hussain

After the torrents that swept through areas in eastern Sudan, which resulted in many material losses, exceeding thirteen thousand houses were totally or partially damaged. .Maulana Hassan Sheikh Idris Qadi said in a press statement after inspecting the affected areas, “What happened to Tokar is inseparable from what happened to other cities and rural areas of Sudan. However, the people of Tokar, with their cohesion and cooperation, will surpass the ordeal.”
He added that the armed forces, rapid support and charitable organizations from some countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Tokar Sons Emergency Committee called for the help of the citizens of the city, which is considered a miniature Sudan, which calls for concerted efforts to rebuild the region by harnessing government resources and charitable and humanitarian organizations.
Maulana Qadi had inspected the flood-affected areas in Iram, Asht, Heidub, New and Old Tokar, as part of his visit to the Red Sea State.

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