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The final signing of the peace agreement

Diao Mutouk expresses his hope that the final signing of the peace agreement will be concluded soon

Translated by Ahmed Hussain
Juba 4-9-2020

A member of the Southern Mediation Committee for Peace Negotiations in Juba, Dhieu Matouk , expressed his hope that the committees would end the discussions by tracks within days, which would facilitate the process of preparing for the celebration of the final peace signing.

In a press statement during the committees’ meetings at the Palm Africa Hotel, Matouk indicated that the agenda today is divided into three committees: the Darfur Track Committee to discuss the situation of the displaced … and the Other Tracks Committee, which began discussing the eastern Sudan path. As well as the meeting of the Committee on the path of security arrangements
With the participation of the government delegation.

Mutouk added that the work of the committees is proceeding well, as it may enable the signing of the agreement faster than expected.

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