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Czech Republic Affirms Supporting Sudan in All Aspects

Czech republic has affirmed the continuation of its support to Sudan in all political, economic and cultural issues to boost the relations between the two countries.
Czech Consul in Khartoum, Mohammed Afifi, upon his arrival from Cairo and his meeting with the Czech Ambassador resided in Cairo, that Czech Republic had contributed through the ICRC with 185 thousand Euros in disasters prevention in Sudan.
Afifi affirmed that an agreement was reached to organize an economic conference in Khartoum between Sudan and Czech Republic under the auspices of the University of Khartoum (Faculty of Economy) to discuss three major issues in leather, agriculture and minerals, besides other economic issues, pointing out that Czech is intending to launch an exhibition for medical and pharmaceutical industries and nursing after the end of COVID-19 pandemic.
Afifi said that the exhibition will display all Czech products in medicine and medical equipment besides the requirements of the hospitals, adding that renowned companies for Czech Republic will participate in the exhibition.
He affirmed that during the exhibition several agreement will be signed in health, training and other medical fields.
Afifi said that the Economic l attaché in the embassy of Czech promised to provide scholarships to the ministries of Finance and Agriculture in Sudan, according to which a number of Sudanese will travel to Czech Republic for training and stand on the modern irrigation systems and agricultural researches, besides other fields to benefit for the Czech technology in those fields.
The cultural attaché pledged to support the Sudanese/Czech Popular Friendship Association to cope with the current developments and to practice the enormous cultural activities to reflect the bilateral culture between the two countries and strengthening the popular relations.
Afifi affirmed that the Czech ambassador Jan Fulik who tendered his credentials to the President of the Sovereign Council, 1st Lt. gen. Abdul Fatah Al-Burhan visited the University of Khartoum to stand on the efforts exerted by the university in all activities, adding that the ambassador announced their sponsoring the construction and rehabilitation of a hall in the university under the name (Charles Hall for Teaching Czech Language) to teach the Czech language and to host the different conferences of the student, affirming that Czech Republic will construct and furnish it, confirming that an agreement will be signed between the University of Khartoum and Charles to exchange scholarships between the students of the two countries, affirming that the Hall will be launched very soon.

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