Al-Burhan-Himidti Sensational Track.. What Is Up!?

M.H. Nuwar

I have searched for  1st Lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan address in the farewell ceremony of Desert Shield Battalion, but before entering into the details of the speech it is necessary to point out some remarks, on top of which is that the ceremony seemed to be a power show of the parade and a review which sends military messages in principle.

Like all occasions, it is apparent that there is a media vision present. I personally believe that there is a professional touch and well organized media work, not unlike that which is typical of the Egyptian military’s media method, despite the decline in showing all the military equipment in the parade.

The Addresses

The addresses of Al-Burhan and Himidti were characterized by a smooth, stoic tone, a matter that indicated that there had been rapprochement between the two leaders that preceded the occasion.

This leads us to discuss some analytic reports that hinted to the existence of dispute between the two.

This, in my opinion, is untrue due to the apparent close relations between them as a result of previous communications, besides their representing of the executive military arm of the government.

The executive military arm which the internal and external powers are keen to keep it in the joint work status otherwise any breakaway will lead to the swooping down of a third party on the winner, possibly to contain it, and change the formula of the status.


It is apparent that his address concentrated on the status of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) within the army.

He pointed out, for the first time, to the efforts of the RSF even before the revolution. He commended its stances after the change.

What is attracting the attention about the RSF is his affirming that it did not respond to any orders against the revolution, a matter that pushes back against the accusation of the RSF involvement in dispersing the sit-in.

He also hinted to the RSF’s link with the army in a way that shows that the army is keen to retain the RSF due to its capabilities and abilities. This means that the army intends to keep it as a strong bone in the military, strategically placed within the military divisions.

To be more direct and clear, the army considers the RSF as an essential factor in the balance of the powers during the transitional period, and perhaps after that too.

Accordingly, I think that the occasion was dedicated to send messages and announce stances that declare that there is high coordination between the army and the RSF; therefore any party should recognize this coordination before taking any step against the military component.

This simply means that both Al-Burhan and Himidti had recognized that there are invisible stances, so they send those clear messages in their speeches.

Last Observation

It is observed, like all previous events, none of the civilian officials in the transitional government attended despite the fact that usually, in such occasions, the speeches cover the dimensions of the transitional period and the crossing of the revolution to the safe shores.

I think that it would better for the civilian officials to participate in such occasion to add some political spices and to show that there is harmony between the military and civilian components in the government.

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